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Blog oH BloggiEEE…… January 1, 2009

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can’t believe i’m doing this..but i can’t help doing nothing,i’m bored.besides, i’ve been reading blogs,various kinda blogs, mostly from my friend’s i’m thinking of having my own blog to share my stories. tadaa~here i am~.hehe..i’m still an amature, sorry for any inconvenience..

welcome and thanks for reading~

N….before tu sblm masuk hr yg ke-2 sempena thn baru nie…..Wishing A very HaPPy NeW YeAr 2009!! (010109)….thn bru nie gak aku bru nk start blogging…..hahhahah….May dis year ahead ushers in good health, wealth & many happiness for me, my family, my frenZ n sesape yg aku kenal n all 2 da MUsLiM…..HePiiiiii NeW YeAR!!!!

Enjoy wif my BloG!!


2 Responses to “Blog oH BloggiEEE……”

  1. nikaz64525 Says:

    bagus2..caiyok2…..sama2 ler ber blog…ekekkekkekeke

  2. B Says:

    Emm….nnt byk kn update ekk…nk baca nie….ehehe…ye la..kurang2nyer…kalo x dpt jupe…tau ape yg berlaku da ok da…..c u soon…

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